Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species!

Hello all! I think most (if not all) of you know me already simply because I am -always- in the studios~ but I have not yet posted on the 9th floor blog. To introduce myself- I'm David Wentworth, but many know me as "poncho man" ('that-guy-in-the-poncho' doesn't roll off the tongue as well haha). so obviously from the below posts I really like animals :).

this is the cover to my illustration 2 project. we had to teach people how to swim- I decided to make a dog teach the doggie paddle! its watercolour and photoshop digital painting- to see the rest of the pages/panels visit my blog! :D

this sparrow perches over my studio~



Allison Bamcat said...

I really like the bird, and I like your swimming cover as well!

With the dog (though I know the assignment's probably already over), I'd darken up the back half of his body as it recedes. I read his front as a butt by accident at first.

David Wentworth said...

thx for the feedback~ :D

i agree now that you mention it

(it was a small miracle getting that assignment done on time XD)