Thursday, September 3, 2009

Birthday Card Designs

I just finished up these Birthday Card designs. I hope they scream Happy Birthday! Along with these designs I also did a similiar pattern for giftwrap and paper tableware. So much fun!


Mary Lundquist said...

These are brilliant, Nat. I'd love to see the patterns, too. What are these for? Are you selling cards?


Natalie Russo Illustration said...

Yes, these designs for cards. That's been the only market I've been able to get into so far. About two months ago I sold three holiday card designs to a greeting card producer. I also got a call recently about my giftwrap, so I'm all about doing giftwrap, bags, plates, cards, etc. I promoted like crazy in the Children's Market but it just hasn't panned out.

How about you? I miss you so much! I checked out your website. It looks great! Your drawings are so good! All of your work is very cohesive. The gallery is fast and very clean looking too. Great presentation. Who did you get to do it? How is London? Have you gotten work?