Monday, January 4, 2010


Awe at the Spectacle of an Empty World

We awoke to the end.
We had each other.
We faced it hand in hand.

The sun shone red.
We looked at the sky.
The clouds opened on our bare faces.
Tastes. Bitter in our mouths.
We felt the last to feel.

Everyone lost.

We slipped: together.
We huddled in search of a warmth that had escaped us.

Things were empty.
Sounds echoed.

We… were.
We fell a little further down: empty, but together.
Stuck—we found each other.

The sounds reached a crescendo and we swelled.
Swollen with all of our might,
We strained against the weight.

All the words we wanted to say spilled out.
Like a river.
And we were lost.

Things were so real.
All of this is true.


This piece started in Texas.

It began as a series of words and sentences that came to be a story. The story progressed and became an art piece. Each of the columns folds up into a book. Each print is 5x7in and each book is about 100in long.

88 prints, From left to right: etching, monotype, cut paper, embossment.

Make sure you click on it to see it larger.