Saturday, May 31, 2008


While taking a break at work one day, a costumer asked me if I did the signs around the cafe. After I told her that it was true, she asked if I did other artwork, something she could put up in her gallery window! I quickly made friends with her and gave her one of my brand-spanking new business cards. Her gallery is also her studio and as I helped her put my work up in the window, I learned a lot about her experience as a working artist. My interest in the gallery world is growing and this was wonderful fuel for the fire. I lucked out!


dave c. said...

Whoa! that is SO AWESOME MARY! I would like to know too, where is the gallery? I also have been quite interested in the gallery art atmoshpere and have been meaning to check some places out to see what it's like. In fact, this friday, Luanne from the 9th floor has an open house at her own gallery, which is on harrison ave, on the south end. I plan to go, maybe I'll see you or other 9thfloorsers there! So ya, email me or something, or post or whatever, about where that gallery is so we can see your work!

Micah Dudash said...

that's really great mary.

speaking of the 9th floor, there's a self-portrait of you that i think you accidentally left behind your desk.