Saturday, May 17, 2008

Past and Present

Hey All,

I figured it was about time I get to posting on this thing. So here it is, its just something I did for Digital Illustration. Nothing too impressive. I'm going into my Junior year of illustration, just so you know where I stand in the scheme of things in Illustration. I agree with Michael, props to Micah for setting this thing up for all of us. It is greatly appreciated, at least from my end. The idea behind this blog is sweet, so I hope it will come together over time and really bring a sense of community among Mass Art's past and present Illustration majors. Though I must admit I'm probably one those illustration majors that contributes to the lack of community.

Live Well,

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dave c. said...

Hey Adam, I'm Dave Condry. And yah, stellar work man. If this is your non-impressive stuff, then you're up to some seriously nice artwork. YOU ROCK