Thursday, September 4, 2008

Workin on a Kid's Book

Hey All, Dave C. here. How IS everyone? Current students as well as fellow grads: I greet you. I miss you. If I haven't met you yet... well I miss you even MORE. I've been blessed with this freelance job to do a kids' book for non-profit. Not much pay but I don't really mind, I absolutely LOVE doing this, and, the way I figure it is, I had recently been paying people to assign me to do cool stuff like this (you know, that whole going to art school thing) so for someone to actually pay me anything at all is a total step up. Plus I'm trying to make it a bomb-diggity portfolio contribution. Word.

So here tis. The one with all the doodles is the cover image (pre-crop). The other ones are from spreads on the inside. The whole book is about skin protection, like skin cancer prevention... I love taking on stuff like this: they gave me totally artistic liberty so I'm trying to make this book WAY funner than it may sound. Anything has potential - illustrate away!

Peace Everyone, stay good
and stay excellent too
and awesome
Dave C.
and please email me, that'd make me extremely happy:


ben. said...

Dave, these look fantastic! The children's book sounds like a blast, best of luck with it. Hope everything else is going well dude.
Ben Z.

Halley P. said...

Awesome Dave!!
I'd love to see more stuff!! Keep up the awesome work!

Lauren Briere's MisAdventures said...

aw dave i miss you dude. and this work looks AWESOME. The boy lifting the dumbells is my fave.