Saturday, October 18, 2008

England in the Fall

Hi! I hope everyone is doing quite well this October. I am living in Liverpool, England right now, which is very lovely and yes, it is the home of the Beatles. It is not so unlike Boston, actually, and is beginning to feel like home. Oh yes, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am beginning to update my blog now! (and eventually my website)

I am glad to see that people are still working on their art. It's been inspiring and I am doing what I can as well.


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dave c. said...

Hey Mary! Love to see your creativity thriving in Beatle-town. (I actually went as one of the beatles for a costume party recently).

I love your 3-D work and I THINK YOU SHOULD ANIMATE IT! Yeah, it's an epiphany, know.

If you don't animate it, that's find, but know it could TOTALLY work.

Peace to you, and enjoy England...
the best to your young family!
-Dave C.