Saturday, October 18, 2008

monsters galore!

i feel that anyone currently on the ninth floor knows who i am, or at least knows me by my work at this point.
For my first post to this wonderful group blog though, i'd like to introduce myself!
my name is Alex Carlson, im a junior illustrator now. this is my first year at Massart, i came from the Milwaukee Inst. of Art and Design in milwaukee Wisconsin. Before that, i was living in Miami.
if you cant tell, i love monsters!

this was done for Advanced Drawing Project. The assignment was cast shadows and though the shadows arnt the focus of the drawing, theyre there! i thought this would be a good pice to represent myself with.


feel free to mosey on over to my blog for a full dose of monstery-goodness.



Mary Lundquist said...
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Mary Lundquist said...

I like your drawing! (I wrote before about not knowing your blog address and then I found it) Hope you like MassArt and Boston.